Volcano History Books

Volcano History Books A volcano history book is a great way to get the information you need to know about a volcano. This is especially helpful when the volcano is near your home and has been threatening people since ancient times. Even if there aren’t any eruptions at your home now, it’s still an important ….  Read More

Earthquake Preparedness – The Basics

Earthquake preparedness is an important part of our society and a large number of people have put up their own earthquake preparedness plan. It is therefore important to understand the basics of earthquake preparedness and what exactly it entails. The first thing that you should do when considering taking on earthquake preparedness is to consider ….  Read More

Why You Should Be Prepared For Fire Drills

Why You Should Be Prepared For Fire Drills Good fire drills are a good way of practicing the safety procedures for the establishment of a fire. In most instances, this is the first step that any establishment takes in preventing fires in its building. In many instances, the fire alarm is already activated and the ….  Read More

Outbreak Education: A Comprehensive Program For Teaching The Patients

Outbreak Education: The most effective method of education is to provide the students with the right knowledge and information about the biological hazards and risks, which have to be present in the area of the risk. Outbreak Education provides information about different diseases like, flu, SARS, and MERS and also discusses the possible dangers of ….  Read More

How Schools Can Help With Hurricane Preparedness

How Schools Can Help With Hurricane Preparedness Most schools have to do hurricane drills, tornado drills and emergency drills as part of the government’s preparedness plan. These drills are normally the first emergency drills in schools and are to be done at least once a year. The local school district will inform parents when these ….  Read More

Understanding Hurricane History

Understanding Hurricane History The annual Atlantic Hurricane Season is the time of year when tropical cyclones usually form in the ocean in the central Atlantic Ocean. Most of the large hurricanes that hit the United States or the Caribbean will form on the eastern side of these oceans during the first half of the season. ….  Read More

The Importance Of Learning How To Survive A Storm

It’s no secret that storms are among the most destructive natural phenomena that mankind has ever faced. Many scientists feel that the reason for this is simply that the storms we experience are extremely unpredictable. Because of this, there is much that can be learned about the environment from the way these storms behave and ….  Read More

Hospital Outbreak Preparedness – What to Expect

Outbreak preparedness includes ensuring plans and systems are in place on a national level to detect and respond to an outbreak as soon as possible. This takes a multidisciplinary approach and a multi-sectoral approach. First, it’s important to realize that a hospital doesn’t necessarily have an outbreak on its hands. A hospital simply has staff ….  Read More