Fire Safety – Fire Dances and Other Fire Safety Dummies

When most people think of fire drills, they think of them being used in the woods, or some kind of outdoor setting. But, what about having them used in the home? Many families find that having fire drills in the home makes a lot of sense. They know that a fire may be located in ….  Read More

Earthquake Education – How to Prepare Yourself For an Earthquake

Earthquake Education – How to Prepare Yourself For an Earthquake If you live in a high earthquake zone, you will likely need earthquake education. This education is a must in order to be prepared for the actual earthquake. When an earthquake strikes, you should begin planning for what will happen before it happens. If you ….  Read More

Volcano Drills – Prepares Your Group for a History-Making Experience

Volcano Drills – Prepares Your Group for a History-Making Experience It’s amazing what can happen when you have a group of students ready to learn all about the volcanoes on earth and willing to learn how to “play” volcano drills with their class. Not only does a volcano drill simulate an actual volcanic eruption and ….  Read More

Outbreak Training and Its Importance

Outbreak training is a systematic and proper way of dealing with infectious diseases. It includes both preventive measures and controlling the spread of these diseases. The precautions include biosecurity, prevention of travel to the country of origin, identification of suspicious activities or symptoms, education on safe hygiene in general, and knowledge of relevant medicines. Outbreak ….  Read More

Tornado Training Video – The Most Important Part

Many tornado training videos are available on the Internet. But is it enough to help you understand what is going on? We all want to be prepared for a tornado, even if we don’t know it. It doesn’t matter how many different types of training and education you have undergone; if the weather forecast shows ….  Read More

Outbreak Safety in Hospitals

Outbreak Safety in Hospitals Outbreak safety is a phrase that doesn’t have many definitions. It is used in hospitals to indicate that the patient is at risk for the spread of an infection. There are various precautions that hospitals can take to reduce the risk for an outbreak. The following is a basic overview of ….  Read More

What is Outbreak Preparedness?

Today’s outbreaks come in many forms and because of this you need to have a good understanding of outbreak preparedness. You should know how to manage it and what to do when it happens. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to diseases. It is best to take preventive measures so that you can ….  Read More

Be Prepared For Your Storms

No matter where you live in the world, it is important that you and your family are prepared for storms that may occur. Storms can cause damage to homes, cars, belongings, and businesses. To help protect you and your family, you should understand what steps you should take in preparation for a storm. It may ….  Read More

The Importance of Volcano Safety

We have all seen the classic maps of a volcano during an eruption, especially one that was large enough to cause a tsunami and the resulting coastal debris. For many who live in areas that are at risk of volcanic activity, volcano safety is a constant concern. It is also true for those who work ….  Read More

Fire Safety Training Is a Must

Fire safety training is a must for any business that is based in commercial or industrial settings. Though these workplaces are often huge, so fire protection systems are put in place with the minimum necessary. If you are one of those businesses that make use of this type of workplace, then fire safety training is ….  Read More