Earthquake Safety – Taking Action Today

earthquake safety

Earthquake Safety – Taking Action Today

In the past few years, more people are becoming aware of the importance of earthquake safety. When a large earthquake strikes, people normally wait to see if it is strong enough to cause major damage to the buildings in their vicinity. It may not be as bad if people have taken a little time to prepare for an earthquake as a storm or flood.

There are many different ways to go about preparing for an earthquake. For the more business-minded, there are insurance policies available that provide greater protection for businesses. A particular type of insurance policy is called “Earthquake Damages Insurance” which provides protection against damage caused by a major earthquake. This is good for companies who insure their buildings and equipment.

If you own a property, a “Property Damage and Earthquake Damage Policy” can protect your possessions, including personal effects, against an earthquake. It can also cover losses due to water leakage, smoke, power surges, and more. A simple web search for property damage insurance will lead you to more details and exclusions, depending on the company and state you live in.

When it comes to your employees, their safety is also important. If you own or operate a business with a lot of machinery, it makes sense to have employees certified for such. In the past, the government has been reluctant to approve certificates until it was too late. There are a few states that offer “EIN” (Employee Identification Number) insurance to help compensate businesses for the loss of their employees.

The more insurance coverage that you have on your building, the better it is to protect your property and to protect your employees during any local earthquakes. If you own or work in commercial property, it is always a good idea to get a specialist to assess the risk. This will help you plan and protect against future problems.

Find out what your local and national standards are and try to make sure that your buildings meet them. Many commercial buildings, especially those that are older, require extra efforts to meet higher requirements. Every now and then, you may have to put in some extra funds to meet new regulations.

Earthquake safety is a must these days. Try to consider these measures and you will do better in your efforts to save your assets and to protect yourself, your family, and your business.