3M 9332 – Is This a Voice Based Telephone System Or a VoIP Phone System?

3m 9332

3M 9332 – Is This a Voice Based Telephone System Or a VoIP Phone System?

A new company named Speak Easy and Speech Technology is offering a phone system, the 3M 9332, which combines a cell phone, 3G, and Wi-Fi capabilities in one device. Of course this is far from being a traditional telephone in any sense, it’s something completely different, but many people don’t know that.

First of all, let’s talk about the phone system itself. It allows users to make and receive calls over the Internet, as well as make and receive video calls over Wi-Fi connections, and most importantly, talk over cell phones. To be specific, the phone system has all of the functionality needed to talk over Wi-Fi or cell phones with any other device using its capabilities.

So what makes this so special, anyway? Well, just the fact that it combines the Internet capabilities of a normal phone with Wi-Fi, and the VoIP calling capabilities of a VOIP service (Voice Over Internet Protocol) means it will actually work in areas that don’t currently have such phone systems in place. Not only is it going to be useful in the near future, but also the future.

One interesting thing about this system is that it is all voice based. This means that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to call and be called through this system, provided you have the system and are at least online. You may have seen this before in movie trailers, but when it comes to this system, it really does work.

Of course, in order to make use of this technology, you will need a high speed Internet connection, and you’ll need a Wi-Fi network capable of supporting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). If you don’t have either of these then you may not be able to use this system at all.

What’s nice about this technology is that it was developed by the same company that created the first one that you were familiar with: the PC Master Race. In other words, they are getting the system out there for the masses and making it available to everyone.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily a system you’re going to be able to get for a cheap price tag, it’s one that will be quite expensive if you are looking for one, but it is certainly going to be worth it for anyone who wants to take advantage of the VoIP services offered by the product. It’s a great product and certainly one you shouldn’t pass up on.