How to Train Your Dog to Be Fearful Of Hurricanes

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How to Train Your Dog to Be Fearful Of Hurricanes

Storm training can be a good way to start getting a glimpse of what life might be like on the beach for your family and pets. It is important that you get your family and pets used to being out in the elements, even if it means being out in the middle of the ocean, or in the pouring rain while storm training them.

Storm training a dog is difficult at first. Dogs do not like the ocean, and they do not like the rain. You will need to teach them that you are their “guardian angel,” even when they are terrified. If you feel like a storm is coming, this is something you will have to figure out quickly.

When storm training a dog, start by taking the dog outside, under the shelter of a tree, or any shelter you can find. Once you take your dog outside, let them stay out there for about fifteen minutes, just watching the storm. If you have the dog’s house open and nearby, let them come out and go inside for a while.

When storm training your dog, you want to use very gentle methods of storm training. There should be no rushing in the beginning, no screaming or shouting. Allow the dog to go around your knee, let the dog sniff it first, then walk your dog around the yard, and let them play with their toys for a bit. If you aren’t sure if they will listen, begin by bringing your dog inside and yelling at them for three or four times, so that they know you mean business.

Once your dogs have been exposed to the storm for a few days, allow them to go out and get their fill of water and sand. You will need to work on getting them to go outdoors more frequently. Once you get them used to going outside and getting some fresh air, then the only thing you have to worry about is the other two weather elements that you will need to train them to deal with. They can be trained to fear wind, rain, and hurricanes. Get a small umbrella and a small table to hang a coat or umbrella over to protect your pets.

Dogs are less likely to get scared when they are afraid of something rather than their owners. The trick is to train them to get frightened of things.

When storm training your dog, it is essential that you are patient and willing to put in the time needed to see success. Even though it may take a little time for you to teach your dog to use the umbrella properly, this is the best way to save your family from the dangers of a hurricane.