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Medical Equipment

A simple and easy to wear mask is the hospital surgical mask that comes with interchangeable surgical caps. This type of mask also includes a hood to protect the patient’s neck from the high pressure from the scalpels, needles and metal scalpel blades. There are different designs and colors to choose from so you will be able to select one that matches your surgical area.

This type of surgical masks has the nozzles for the laser, cold and heat cautery; these can all be powered by battery. This type of surgeon mask comes with the same type of stethoscope, syringe, mini-catheter and vacuum. It comes with a button under the eyes to shut the lids if a patient has any medication. The hospital surgical mask comes with adjustable edges so the patient’s head does not droop too far into the mask.

Some patients that have multiple surgeries may have their face tightly trapped by the surgical masks which in turn causes problems during the recovery process. The plastic surgeon may adjust the edge of the mask, which would allow the forehead to open slightly so it does not bind the patient’s face tightly when the mask is placed on the face.

Another medical device that can be used with the surgical masks is the splint. Some people suffer from the problem of postoperative headaches; this is usually the case with a person who had a head surgery and has swelling in the face, neck or jaw area. The plastic surgeon may provide a splint to help relieve some of the pain associated with such problems.

The surgical masks used in most cases are made of polyethylene and PVC; they have an adjustable visor which helps to adjust the pressure from the scalpels or suction from the face. The adjustment of the pressure will allow the patient to have more comfort with his/her mask or soft cup for their facial massage.

These masks are also known as the coveralls or leg guard for people who work on their feet and suffer from injuries. These masks can also be worn for home use if the wearer is having a cold or sore throat.

Some disposable surgical masks can come with a heating element that heats the mask to help eliminate the problem of chapped skin, but there are many others that do not have an element and just have an adhesive layer. As with all surgical masks there are several brands, types and materials to choose from so you can be sure that the one you choose is going to provide you with comfort and proper fit.