History of Hurricanes

Did you know that hurricanes and other severe weather systems are born of a hurricane history? Hurricanes are called storms, and even though they can be either rain or wind-driven, the main difference is how much energy a storm has to release in order to actually generate the physical hurricane we see in the sky. A hurricane’s origins stem from the combination of a tropical cyclone (which is just a tropical storm) and a cold front. The temperature in the center of the front never reaches freezing, so the pressure of the storm is forced up and out to sea by the wind.

storm history

Since a storm cannot occur during the day, rain should not be expected in most locations. But rain, thunderstorms, and wind are definitely possible. So now you know a little about hurricanes!

This information about hurricanes has been recorded and verified in past generations of meteorologists. It is safe to say that a storm’s history cannot be completely explained, but it is believed to be very long-lasting. From storm to storm and event to event, a hurricane’s impact on people and their surroundings have been recognized and documented for centuries.

During historical events, records of previous typhoons, rainstorms, windstorms, hail, floods, and hurricanes are kept in book form. Knowing the storm history will give meteorologists a big advantage when forecasting dangerous weather conditions.

Some meteorologists even take the time to find weather records in the local newspaper. A great time to look up information on a storm history is when a particular region experiences a particularly severe event. Such as a tornado or hurricane.

Because the storm history is so long-standing, you may see a windstorm which was not recorded before happening again in the future. The only way to know if a certain weather pattern will occur again is to get an idea of the past patterns of each particular type of weather. Now that you know a little bit about hurricane history, if you ever see one, make sure you have your hurricane survival guide ready to go. You never know when a monstrous storm is going to hit!