Earthquake Drills Vs Other Physical Activities

earthquake drills

Earthquake Drills Vs Other Physical Activities

When it comes to choosing between exercises or physical activities that will help you prepare for an earthquake, there are quite a few things to consider. Although drills will be fine, it is not the only way to prepare for earthquakes. Here are some of the options that you should consider before deciding.

Tectonic drills are ones that are used by those that work in and around an area that has tectonic activity, such as a fault line or a certain type of fault. The drills are used to identify possible faults that might rupture. They can even be used to test different types of faults to see which would have to be addressed first if one ruptured. If your company is involved in this kind of work, there are many benefits to these drills.

There are two types of earthquake drills: one that is performed at the school or the workplace and one that is done outside the facility. The first one, at the workplace, can be effective if the organization has a safety officer on staff who is qualified to perform it. Some companies will put up signs in the office and home stating that a drill is being conducted, so that everyone knows to be prepared. The idea is to allow all employees to participate in the drill. If they don’t want to be involved, let them know the drill will be postponed until after work.

On the other hand, an outdoor drill can be effective if everyone who can get out of the building is there, as well as those who have to evacuate from the house. The drills are designed to simulate the actual scenario and may involve different drills such as one in which the whole building is destroyed and one in which the building is not destroyed. All employees must be instructed on what to do in each scenario, even if they have already left the office.

One other option when it comes to earthquake drills is to use the Internet. There are websites that offer online versions of the drills that are made by companies or individuals that are trained and experienced in the subject. Most of the drills are designed to teach a group of people to deal with an earthquake emergency that is threatening their community. These sites will typically allow users to practice with a simulated earthquake and make decisions on how to proceed while the real earthquake happens. If the drill is successful, there is usually a time period after which a DVD can be downloaded and distributed to everyone in the group so that they can participate in the next drill.

The only problem with using these is that there is no way to monitor what is happening during the drill. People can and often do forget to show up for the drills. If a large number of people are not showing up for the drill, it can cause some harm to the organization. There may also be some cost associated with the drill. This should be taken into consideration before hiring an outside company to handle the drill.

When making the decision, it is always a good choice to go with drills over other options that are available. Both the company and the employees will be prepared for an earthquake.