Earthquake Safety: Taking Time to Educate Yourself

earthquake safety

Earthquake Safety: Taking Time to Educate Yourself

It’s probably no surprise that people don’t know enough about earthquake safety. They never got around to learning.

Our homes are so important in our lives. It can mean the difference between a house that has been evacuated and not having access to power, water, and other essentials. So, it is worth putting some time into getting to know the basics of earthquake safety. For one thing, do you have any specific knowledge about earthquake safety?

There are different types of seismic events, each with its own set of guidelines for what to do in case it happens. If you don’t have knowledge of these, then you should educate yourself about earthquake safety. The National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) maintains a list of earthquakes around the world, the magnitude, and their locations.

One of the things they ask for in their newsletter is an email address so they can send you information as it becomes available. You can sign up to receive free e-mail from the NEIC and get the information to make sure you’re protected. It is best to do this every month, although you may have to go back and forth a few times in order to get the information.

Also, don’t forget that when you have a communication system for your home, there are times when it may be cut off. When this happens, you’ll need to call the power company and get help. Once you have your power restored, then you’ll be able to call them again to get a service code.

Education is key. It is time to learn and apply what you’ve learned. Don’t forget that if you don’t apply the lessons learned, then you could put yourself and your family at risk. Earthquake safety is something that should be learned and applied on a daily basis, just as you would learn how to drive or maintain any other car.

Having earthquake safety is about taking your time, educating yourself, and not letting it happen to you and your family. If you see any gaps in your knowledge, then speak up and get educated. With a little help, your family will be safer when a natural disaster strikes.