What is a Volcano Preparedness Plan?

A volcano preparedness plan is an important part of any family’s disaster survival plan. Everyone should be concerned about what could happen in the event of a volcano eruption or a major earthquake or even a strong flood.

volcano preparedness

When earthquakes occur, experts from the National Institute of Geology and Natural Sciences or the IGS (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay) or an expert volcanologist from the CERG (Concrete Engineering Research Group) are called in to assess the situation and report their findings to the authorities. These experts work to design emergency response plans to deal with the events that could be happening. They need to determine whether a lava flow or a mud flow is currently active at a volcano that could erupt.

In the event of a strong and powerful flood, the floodwaters would probably not only be too high for most people to be able to swim, but it is likely that their bodies would be so badly burned that they would not survive. If this were to happen, it would mean the death of many people, including the immediate family members, and entire communities. But when the floodwaters rise to a higher level than usual, there is no need to be alarmed. Such a flood would simply be a trickle.

It is also important to plan for a water disaster in case of landslides or a tsunami. These floods can wash away everything you have, from your home to your car. Unless you have evacuated by the time such a disaster occurs, it is likely that you would have no means of contacting the outside world and would have no food and no water.

Even if you have a family member who has a higher-ranking position in the government or someone with the necessary skills to prepare an evacuation center, you should still be prepared. The same precaution should be applied to your own family as well. Do not allow your family members to travel with you if you have not given them a personal evacuation plan. Even if you have a better ranking official supervising your family, he or she is not aware of the details of the larger event.

Make sure that your family has all the disaster preparations they will need in case of an earthquake, flood or a volcano eruption. It may not be possible for your family to be in your home if there is a major disaster or volcano eruption, but they can still help make the arrangements that will ensure their safety. Include food, water, blankets, tents, first aid kits, a generator, and some other basic necessities in the disaster preparedness plan.

Your family needs to know how to evacuate in the event of a natural disaster. By setting up a family disaster preparedness plan, everyone will be able to attend to their individual disaster plans. By having an evacuation center in place and having all your family members follow the plan, you will be able to save your home, and everyone in it, from any disaster that may affect it.