Earthquake Education – A Social Responsibility

earthquake education

Earthquake Education – A Social Responsibility

Earthquake education should be mandatory for every schoolchild. With the proper awareness of the hazards that exist, it becomes a part of their personal safety to learn how to evacuate if an earthquake strikes.

Every one of us should have a proper place to park our car. It is important to make sure that children are taught how to find a safe place to take shelter from the shaking. An earthquake can cause devastating destruction.

To take immediate action after the earthquake has struck, many parents have already done so. They have evacuated their families to high ground or high building to find safety. There is no doubt that the earthquake has caused a great deal of disruption, but it is also a reminder that we need to build our society and our homes in such a way that such disasters do not happen.

Now, the responsibility of earthquake education has risen to a higher level; it is now a social responsibility as well. Our elected officials need to understand the risk factors in building and construction in order to plan properly for the future.

With the rising costs of living, a lot of people cannot afford to live in expensive apartments. The key of living in such an apartment is to move, which is why, earthquake education needs to be incorporated into every citizen’s educational system.

A safe school is necessary to prepare the next generation for the social development and to ensure the safety of every person on this planet. It is imperative to provide children with good knowledge about the earthquake and the damage that it can cause. By teaching the right skills and lessons, a child can be taught what to do in the case of an earthquake.

If you haven’t been to an earthquake before, you will never know the fear that can be felt after it, by a large population of people. Because of this, it is important that every person knows how to act after an earthquake. Children need to learn how to evacuate before they hit the ground.