Fire Drills Can Be Fun, But They Must Be Done Right

In order to effectively handle a fire, it is important to perform effective fire drills. By learning how to do this successfully, you will not only be able to get through these types of emergencies, but you will also have the tools necessary to not only get through the first incident, but to prevent them from happening in the future.

fire drills

By the very nature of fire drills, they are a type of hands-on training. Although it is important to have effective first aid and emergency procedures, they must be performed properly in order to yield the best results. Some methods of training for these drills include reading out loud the words, “fire”, “stop”stay” and then instructing the other participants to do so as well.

Some people find it beneficial to pre-plan a fire drill before setting it off. Having an idea of what you are going to do beforehand will help keep your efforts organized and able to continue. When you have a good idea of what you want to do beforehand, you will be more likely to have the time needed to do it.

Training in this manner can be a bit of a challenge, as you have to get everyone involved on the same page. The person who would be responsible for lighting the fire is usually the most experienced.

If you need to keep anyone from doing what they are instructed to do, you can always tell them to “Stay”. It is also helpful to do a lot of preparation work beforehand, so that when you get the call to make a fire drill, there will be more time available for the entire team to react to the situation. It is a good idea to stay away from smoke or fire, because these things may give the impression that there is a real fire.

In addition to keeping everyone up to date with safety standards, you should also make sure that you explain the importance of common sense. Having someone get all of the things ready for the fire or smoke will create a big incentive to react immediately. This is a strategy you can use, as well, when the instructor tells the participants to stay.

By the very nature of fire drills, you will have to train a group of people to react in a situation that may seem like it could not possibly happen. That said, many companies offer to conduct these for their employees. You should contact your company if you are interested in receiving one of these.