Hurricane Preparedness

hurricane preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness

The Hurricanes that hit Florida are the most extreme hurricanes in the last decade. These storms come in with a full force of wind and rainfall that leaves your home and personal belongings destroyed.

Hurricane preparedness has to begin years in advance of the storm. The first step in being prepared is to have an evacuation plan. If your family or you are at a single location, this is one thing that you can do immediately.

If you have a group of people that are living together, a fire plan is also vital. The only thing worse than having a destroyed home is no plan at all. You want to make sure that everyone is safe and accounted for.

Having enough of the proper hurricane kits should be done immediately. In addition to the hurricane kits, you want to have bottled water and food. You should also have flashlights and extra batteries to be sure that you have plenty of light to see and move around after the storm passes.

Have a kit for every room in your home that is used by the family. This includes food, water, and electrical items so that no one needs to have to stand in the dark during the storm.

Your hurricane kits should include mosquito nets, candles, battery operated radios, flashlights, candles, matches, bottled water, food, and non-perishable food items like rice, canned vegetables, and bottled water. It is best to have a separate area in your home where there will be a place for each member of the family to go and get the supplies that they need.

Now that you are aware of the importance of hurricane preparation, you need to take a step further. Being prepared is the first step in hurricane preparedness.

With your hurricane preparedness, you will be prepared to face the storm. Next, check out some of our links below for more tips on preparing for the next disaster.