Volcano Drills – You Need to Be Prepared

As you look into volcano drills, it is important to consider the safety that everyone involved in the training has. This is not simply one person going off on a volcano to die or to get seriously injured. It is the responsibility of everyone involved in this type of drill to be prepared for any and all eventualities.

volcano drills

Volcano drills are meant to simulate an actual volcano eruption. At first they can be scary, but these drills make them seem like an exciting adventure. The point of these drills is to get people to realize what could happen if they were to ever encounter a volcano. In order to properly prepare you need to be fully aware of your surroundings and the dangers that could possibly be presented by an eruption.

In all of the discussion about volcanoes we have not discussed why they erupt in their own unique way. There are several theories on the reason for the exact reasons that cause volcanoes to erupt. Most scientists agree that volcanoes are influenced by both physical and biological factors. However, there is still a lot of disagreement as to which is the primary driver behind the creation of the volcano.

It is believed that the strength of the ocean currents as well as natural disasters can play a major role in the cause of the volcano. Because of the fact that volcanoes have more water locked within them than they do other things, there are a lot of challenges that must be overcome to open the volcano up to erupt. The constant pressure of pressure and heat caused by those water laden rocks also contribute to the heat that a volcano releases into the atmosphere.

Another major contributor to a volcano’s eruption is air pollution. Many volcanic eruptions can occur due to the release of sulfuric gases from stagnant gases in the earth. The kind of air pollution that is associated with volcanoes is one that is a result of long periods of smoke and soot from burning the vegetation of the land.

Even the type of ground itself can contribute to the strength of a volcano. If the ground is very hot or dry then the magma will have to work harder to reach the surface. When lava is in a hot environment, it expands, and when it is exposed to oxygen it tends to cool and solidify.

The unique location of a volcano is a big reason why they erupt. The fault lines of these areas create pathways that allow heat to become trapped inside of the magma. Once this happens, there is a high probability that an eruption is going to occur.

There are also times when a volcano will not erupt for a short period of time. There may only be a few hundred years, where the volcano did not erupt for this amount of time. There is a good chance that another eruption will come once this time goes by and if this happens the people involved in volcano drills have to be able to anticipate that possibility as well.