Getting Tornado Education Started For All

Is your state doing a good job of developing and implementing tornado education programs? This is important because the National Weather Service is charged with getting it all together and creating a unified picture of what’s going on for everyone to see. If your area doesn’t have any of these programs in place, you really should start taking an active role.

tornado education

What exactly do you want the schools to do to educate the students on what to expect from the weather and even storm videos? Is it just educating them so they won’t die from a tornado? That is a short-sighted and incorrect approach to an important issue. In fact, there is a certain type of weather where death and injury are not an issue but get the kids involved is imperative.

We can get into a discussion about whether or not these storm video videos that we see on television or in the news are fair in their presentation of what a tornado is. They are not and for this reason many children may be given misinformation if they don’t catch up on what they missed in school. It’s a shame that the school systems aren’t working harder to make sure they get the information out to the kids.

The tragedy about tornadoes is that there is no way to tell exactly when they will strike and no one can predict it in advance. You can say that everyone knows that there is a tornado coming and they should be prepared for it, but that is not enough when you are standing under one of those monster twisters. When it touches down, you’ll be thankful that you were so prepared.

The weather stations keep getting better and the information they have given on this topic is becoming a lot more comprehensive. You can find plenty of useful information on the web. On one hand, there are many sites that are there to cause you to believe that the media is covering something up, but on the other hand, there are many sites that actually provide the information that you need in order to prepare for a tornado.

Tornado education needs to be part of every school’s curriculum and has to be taught to children all the way up to the high school level. Children need to know about all the different things that happen in a tornado as well as being able to relate them to their lives in general. They also need to be able to identify what they can expect during a tornado and what to do if they encounter one.

Sure, adults will be able to help and put their body between the tornado and them but that is not going to solve the problem. When someone tells you that you can only get away from a tornado by running, you shouldn’t believe them. In fact, if you get struck, it is better to get away than it is to be buried alive. That is why these tornado storms can happen at any time of the year and in any place.

When they hit, these storms can come with a lot of debris means a lot of people can get hurt and killed. You don’t need a tornado education program but you do need to tell people about what to expect when they are close to one. Many of the deaths that happen during a tornado are caused by the media getting the event out too early. It could happen anytime and it is important that everyone knows what to do in those situations.