Hurricanes and Hurricane Drills

Hurricane drills occur all across the world, but many of these are essentially meaningless. In fact, they are usually carried out by the government to force citizens to do something.

hurricane drills

Hurricane drills happen all over the place in the United States and indeed in other countries. They aren’t ever carried out for the hurricane to actually make landfall – it is so rarely that happens that you would be hard pressed to ever see any training activities for a hurricane, if you go to any large event. It would seem that the big drill days and drills are primarily for the media coverage!

There is no doubt that a large number of people have been killed or harmed by hurricanes in recent times. The question is, “How many of these are attributable to natural causes?” Is it actually possible to get a sense of the real numbers?

It would seem that there is little room for controversy when it comes to hurricane drills. Many claim that the truth is somewhere in between. However, we can place much more weight on the ones that really happened and you need to take our word for it.

You can compare the number of claims with the amount of money spent in federal disaster relief programs. The amount of money being spent on these drills is shocking, it seems. At the same time, it has been shown repeatedly that fewer people are joining the programs and this is precisely the reason for the spending on drills.

It is hard to tell if these hurricane drills actually provide any benefit to the national psyche. It is also a good way for the government to keep their budgets down as much as possible. To people who live in coastal areas, they are much less likely to join these programs when there is no physical threat.

For people who are concerned about a certain thing, it seems that a hurricane can actually be a good thing. They are relatively short term and don’t have very long-lasting effects. For those that are totally opposed to hurricane damage, you probably can’t get much out of these drills.

Hurricane drills might be a good idea in the early years, but after the first few years, people figure out how to prepare for them and they are taken for granted. We could say that the programs are merely holding out hope and it just isn’t enough. It might be possible to push these groups a little harder if it was required.