How to Protect Your Family From Fire

Many people have lost their lives in fires and so it is important to do everything you can to help reduce the risk of fire. The National Fire Protection Association lists fire safety information and publications that can help. There are many books, websites and magazines that can help you learn about preventing and fighting fires and can help you understand fire hazards. Other good resources include the American Red Cross or the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

fire safety

When you go to the store and are trying to decide what to buy, keep in mind that many products now require that you read fire safety information. It will help you be aware of the products you may be buying, and will tell you what steps to take when a fire breaks out. Keep away from products that you do not know how to use or that may fall apart after you are done using them. You should be careful in choosing what you purchase from gas stations, in your home and in any other place where you purchase a lot of that might burn, like furniture, etc.

Many families have taken the initiative to make fire safety part of the holiday activities. For example, this year, everyone should find a way to prepare Christmas food. Try to visit local fire stations for some free tips and suggestions on safe fire prevention.

Fire safety plans should be reviewed yearly. It is advisable to put in place steps to prevent and control fire hazards. One way to achieve this is to make sure that your house is smoke and fire tested every year and that you keep a watchful eye on things.

Remember that it is difficult to prevent a fire from getting started in the first place. Keeping smoke detectors around is a good way to alert family members or friends if there is a fire. It is best to wait for everyone to be safe before taking them inside.

Make sure that everyone in your household practices precautions. Keep hot beverages in closed containers and fire extinguishers close by. Children should be told not to play in ashtrays. Also, no one should let the stove cook anything that is not a baby food item.

Anywhere a water source is present, try to put water safety devices like boilers or water traps close by. Also, use protective eye wear for children, particularly when they are playing in the yard. Be careful when having long conversations with strangers, as this could lead to accidents.

If you need to use your car to drive a car to an event or away from home for any reason, you should practice how to use your car seat or fire extinguisher. You should also leave the door open while you are driving if you know that the car is not on fire. If the car has been on fire before, take a walk away from it so that you do not put yourself in the path of the fire.