Hurricane Drills – Preparing For Natural Disasters

hurricane drills

Hurricane Drills – Preparing For Natural Disasters

Hurricane drills are a useful tool for businesses as well as homeowners to prepare for natural disasters. Weather patterns can quickly change and so a good drill will be able to keep a business or individual on its toes.

The Hurricane Drill used by many emergency rooms is designed to test the skill of medical staff who respond to storms. It has three parts. First, it involves using basic measurements and a computerized database to create the appropriate file for each patient.

The second part requires that the staff to file the file they receive, one file per patient. The process requires some typing but most likely more of a thorough research process. The third part is to test the database by checking it for missing or inaccurate information.

When the file is checked, the doctor’s name, birth date, address, patient’s phone number, etc. is entered into the database. If any of the data is found to be wrong, the file must be corrected before the entry can be saved.

Hurricanes can wreak havoc on people’s lives. For this reason, many organizations use drills to practice emergency procedures in the event of a natural disaster. Businesses that operate through major cities may want to consider a drill for after a hurricane or tropical storm. This type of drill is also useful for preparing employees for a real disaster.

The first step in preparing for disasters is understanding your organization’s supply of consumer goods and memorabilia. Disaster preparedness is more than just purchasing emergency supplies and shelters. The end result will be safer, more convenient workplaces and better quality customer service. Preparing for emergencies requires the proper staffing, tools, and training.

Hurricane drills are a great way to get the wheels turning. These types of drills allow workers to try out their skills, which can lead to smoother operating equipment. Companies should plan ahead and choose a time when personnel can run through what items should be stored in emergency supply kits and how many calls or customers should be placed, for example.

Hurricane drills also enable participants to practice proper communication with the public. With the weather in mind, this can be a difficult skill to teach to novice employees. It is important to incorporate new techniques into each practice session.