What Is Outbreak Preparedness?

outbreak preparedness

What Is Outbreak Preparedness?

Outbreak preparedness is the key to ensuring your staff are protected and safe from various diseases. Your staff is one of the most important members of your business, it helps you to ensure that the products and services your company provide are made using quality materials and when it comes to customer satisfaction your staff are the face of your business. They are also a major source of revenue.

Outbreak preparedness is not something that should be taken lightly. It involves the best of planning to avoid a public health emergency and a loss of customers for your business.

Outbreak preparedness begins with adequate training and education. Staff should be instructed about outbreak preparation techniques and methods for avoiding the spread of disease. This includes discussing and establishing protocols for managing and removing bodily fluids, infectious materials and communicable diseases. Sick leaves should be included in the medical leave policy and therefore the staff should be trained about their responsibilities when they are away from work.

All areas of your business should be properly cleaned, all surfaces covered and inspected for any potential causes of infection and sanitation, and proper hygienic practices must be observed. Pesticides should be used only as directed by the management and the proper hand washing is a basic rule of good hygiene. It is essential that all clothing be properly washed and disinfected after each wear, and that no clothes are put in the dryer for a prolonged period of time.

An outbreak preparedness program should include the provision of professional help and support to your staff when necessary. It is also important that the people who will be affected by the outbreak to be provided with accommodations and support where they can recover in peace. Particular emphasis should be placed on early signs of illness, as these may indicate the need for further intervention.

Prevention is better than cure and this means that your staff members should be aware of the rules for storing and handling materials and equipment, they should also be aware of the use of gloves when they are handling a particular item. Food and pharmaceutical products should be stored properly and are able to be handled safely. The proper disposal of used items must be followed at all times.

It is vital that the proper steps for precautionary measures are always taken and that the prevention program is ongoing. There should be regular updates to the plan and the staff should be informed regularly of the progress of the plan. It is also very important that a history of outbreaks is documented in order to know how to best avoid an outbreak.

All staff should be aware of the risk of contracting certain types of diseases and should be aware of what to do in the event of an outbreak and they should also be trained in outbreak preparedness. All of these staff members play a vital role in maintaining the health of your business. Ensure that they know about what is required of them.