How Hurricane Education Helps You Protect Your Pets

Hurricane education is something every pet owner should know. You could go to the pet store and buy a hurricane safety kit, but how often are those kits actually used? It is important to have at least one kit on hand at all times, for any pet you own.

Your hurricane safety kit should include everything you will need to keep your pet safe and happy during an unexpected hurricane. Your kit should include things like:

Your emergency contact number – Your pet’s name and number is listed on your insurance policy so make sure you have the number of a vet in case of emergency. Keep in mind if you have a vet already that the vet could leave the emergency number out of their policy.

Identification for your pet – The easiest way to get your pet’s name is to write it down on paper or pen. If you cannot do this easily, use their name tag that they have in their collar or harness.

Information on the other pets in your family – You can also find this information by listing the names of other pets in your family on a card. Also be sure to list the pet’s name as well as the contact number of your local animal shelter.

Phone Number of local weather radio – For quick notification about severe weather like tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding, you can find your local weather radio station on the phone book. Call them and listen to the updates.

Emergency Contact information – For your pet, also list contact information for your local police, fire department, and Public Rescue Services. You may also want to include the numbers for your local veterinarian, so that if you have a problem with your pet you can call them.

Know your pets so that you can properly protect them. Make sure you know what you should do when a hurricane or tornado threatens your home.