Hurricane Drills Is Necessary to Avoid Disaster

Hurricane drills are an important part of disaster preparedness and protection. If you live in an area that is at risk for hurricanes or tropical storms, it would be wise to practice some hurricane drills so that you know what to do in case of a storm.

Hurricane drills are usually conducted every month throughout the year, but they can be scheduled at specific times of the year as well. The hurricane drill can be split up into two different drills. One of the drills will include everyone in the neighborhood (not necessarily family members) in a simulation of a storm and the other drill will focus on how to get everyone out of the area of your home safely.

The first hurricane drill is usually done when it is predicted that a hurricane is going to make landfall somewhere in the United States. This hurricane drill is called the hurricane simulation drill.

After the hurricane simulation drill has been completed, people involved in the drill will go through a checklist to see who needs to stay in their homes and who needs to be evacuated. Each household will be given a checklist for each member of the household. These will list the items that need to be found, taken care of, or taken out of the house.

All hurricane drills follow the same format except for the evacuation part. During the evacuation, everyone should be ordered to move to one designated area and all doors should be locked. Only those who need to evacuate should be allowed to leave.

The second type of hurricane drills can be very short and include people only in the room where the hurricane is forecast to make landfall. These are usually conducted as soon as the first signs of a hurricane have appeared. If the hurricane is moving away from the United States, it can be easier to get everyone to evacuate and once everyone is out of the way, the drill can be over with.

Hurricane drills are usually done by the National Hurricane Center and are often offered to organizations, schools, and individuals interested in conducting them. People can do this by contacting the center and asking for information about the hurricane simulation drills they offer.

In the case of an evacuation from an area that is prone to hurricanes, hurricane drills will help individuals remember what to do in the event of a disaster. These drills could save a lot of time and effort if everyone was aware of what to do in the event of a hurricane.