Fire Preparedness Tips For Campers

In the United States and many other countries, there is a strong focus on fire preparedness. Many areas require people to carry fire extinguishers in their vehicles. Others have fire drills on specific days of the week.

A good place to start is to know how to perform basic tasks to prevent fires. Then you can learn how to recognize the signs of a potential fire.

If you are in a cabin or your car is locked, there are some items that will help keep it protected: fireproof and water proof vests. These are especially important for campers who travel with their equipment. It is best to have a second set of clothes for cooler times. One or two sets should always be on hand and ready to be used as needed. The risk of a fire occurring is always there, no matter what type of camping you do.

Using an extinguisher in your vehicle is an important thing to do. When traveling in an area that does not have a large population, staying out of harm’s way is important. It is common for fire pits and charcoal grills to spark a fire if left unattended. Sometimes though, the easiest and best way to get rid of a fire is to turn it off.

Once you arrive at your destination, make sure you leave something lit near your campsite. This could be a small camping stove. You can also put out a small fire in your car. Something like matches will also work. However, if you want to light a larger fire, like a propane tank, you should leave it on.

If you are using electrical items in your home or cabin, make sure to get them off the electric before leaving your home. This includes flashlights, cell phones, laptops, and televisions. If these items are left on while you are away, they can catch on fire and be a real disaster. Most electronics are able to be restored, but they are also very expensive to replace.

While you are traveling, make sure you get proper fire protection equipment to use. You can purchase small mousetraps or heavy duty fire extinguishers. If you plan on hiking in the wilderness, make sure you bring a sturdy backpack with you.

Fire preparedness should be something that you do from the beginning of your camping trip. It is something that is safe and simple to do. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to suffer from a catastrophic event.