Earthquake Education and Preparedness

earthquake education

Earthquake Education and Preparedness

While most of us are aware that knowledge is power, there are many who don’t consider the importance of earthquake education and preparedness. This is a powerful tool for saving lives and property. It also holds the key to ensuring the protection of human health and the environment.

In fact, the benefits of emergency preparedness far outweigh the benefits of emergency preparedness. Why, then, do so many people fail to take the time to educate themselves on what they need to do?

This is because in many cases, disaster strikes one’s own home. For many people, the sheer destruction of losing everything we have is a terrifying experience that leaves them completely unprepared for the next disaster.

Earthquake education and preparedness are very important because it helps a person put together a contingency plan, something the government should have already done for their citizens. The vast majority of earthquakes happen in areas where the government hasn’t adequately planned for disaster recovery.

This is because disasters tend to strike at the worst possible time. The effects of such a massive disaster can be catastrophic, and these effects will often make recovery months or even years after the actual event.

The sheer cost of rebuilding after massive damage to structures is often prohibitive, so people often neglect to take any action to save their homes. Often, they simply assume that if they pay their mortgage every month, they will be fine.

Yet, paying your bills and not having a contingency plan for disaster is a recipe for disaster because it takes a common sense approach to the problem. Most people fail to consider the main impact of an earthquake can have on their homes, and this is a very common occurrence.

It’s people like these that are responsible for the millions of lives lost due to a serious disaster. If we take earthquake education and preparedness seriously, then we will see more of them than we are currently seeing in countries like Haiti and Nepal.