Taking Advantage of Storm Drills For Improved Employee Safety

Storm drills are conducted frequently in large insurance companies, where the employees are made to do things like evacuate or freeze within a certain distance from the centre of a tornado. They are even instructed to carry their family members in an emergency evacuation.

Now, as you know that people who are not used to such things might be endangered during severe weather incidents, it is suggested to do a first aid training before a storm occurs. If you think that such training is a bit overrated, here is one reason why. The presence of an untrained staff can cost you and your business several tens of thousands of dollars in damages caused to your building.

The next time you are planning a company event, do consider buying all your essentials in advance. You may choose to have your staff carry some basic items like pens, paper, bags, plates, cutlery, shopping bags, and so on.

You can practice doing evacuations in your office during a storm. At least put a slide of your place outside your office door. Don’t leave out important documents like this, so that your employees can learn where to turn to in case the power fails during a storm.

When a storm hits the coast, the same caution should be taken by your staff as well. It is not a good idea to attend a corporate event, if the rain outside the building is not expected. Besides, storm drills are essential to train your staff regarding the damages of severe weather and how to protect themselves.

Before the storm, a great option is to go online and search for pictures of such storm drills. Find pictures, which would give a clear idea about what the drill should look like. Also check whether the drill was held at sea, on a coastal area, or even at an indoor venue.

For instance, many of the pictures of storm drills have divers floating in water or at a beach. It would also be an option to check what type of animal (including sharks) are participating in the drill.

Expensive can be ugly in times of calamities. Make sure that your staff are well trained and well equipped, and make sure that their safety is your first priority.