How to Conduct Proper Tornado Drills

tornado drills

How to Conduct Proper Tornado Drills

Many schools do not follow tornado drills due to the fact that they are not properly followed. It is because of this reason that many schools end up with casualties and even property damage. If you are going to set up a tornado drill, you must remember to follow the following steps.

You should know where your tornado shelter is. This is a very important step that has to be taken, especially if you will be the one who is going to stay in the shelter. Make sure that you leave the shelter before the tornado reaches you so that you can get in the shelter without any problems.

You should know that tornado drills should not be affected by time or location. You have to be able to listen to the warnings, and stay inside the shelter. If you are going to be inside the shelter, make sure that you remove all debris from the area. Also, make sure that you are sleeping on your side so that you can avoid getting tornadoes.

A tornado is something that can happen anytime. You have to be prepared for any kind of situation that may come. Since this is the case, you should set up a tornado drill at your school. While doing this, you can also practice how to become familiar with the best methods to use for a tornado drill.

First, you have to make sure that you know where the evacuation point is. For this, you have to first know the exact direction that the tornado is heading. You have to know where the storm is heading, and then you have to figure out which spot to evacuate to. If you know the exact path of the storm, you can save the lives of those who are on the ground and in the buildings.

Once you know the exact place that you want to go, you have to prepare yourself by preparing a bag for your things. You have to make sure that you have supplies for your personal belongings, and things that you can sell to buy food, water, and shelter. In addition, you also have to make sure that you have enough water, food, and fuel. You also have to determine what kind of shelter you can get. There are two main types of shelters, the one-person shelter and the multi-person shelter.

The one-person shelter is suitable for those who are on the ground, while the multi-person shelter is ideal for those who are on the roof. As for the preparation of the shelter, you have to make sure that you have a shelter that is strong and safe enough to withstand tornadoes. You also have to prepare a kit that contains everything that you need for survival. You also have to be prepared with medicines, and tools such as a can opener and scissors.

These are just some of the essential steps that you have to take in order to participate in tornado drills. You have to remember that you should never ignore the warnings that you hear in case a tornado comes. Prepare yourself, and get out of your home, because this will be the best defense against a tornado.