Local Storm History

storm history

Local Storm History

No matter what sort of storm you are experiencing, whether it is Hurricane Florence or Tornado Alley, it is important to check the local storm history in your area. This will help you understand the changes that have taken place in that region.

The easiest way to find out this information is to contact your local meteorological society. If there is not one in your area, there are websites that can be used to gather this information.

Storms are classified according to their winds, path, and precipitation. These are then given a “warrant” status depending on the severity of the storm. A minor or high-wind storm can receive a warrant status and remain in its area for a very short period of time, such as a week or less.

Extremely severe storms are more likely to be a long-term problem. Storms may stay over a region for months before moving on. The most severe storms, known as hurricanes, could remain for several weeks or even longer if they have a track that brings them into the United States. There are many things that can affect the weather during the life of a hurricane.

You can find out much about the weather patterns in your area by looking at your own storm history. There are many different ways to find these historical records. Meteorologists keep detailed records that will show all of the weather patterns and the track and intensity of any storm within your area.

Since so many people visit your state, especially during hurricane season, the National Hurricane Statistics Bureau maintains hurricane statistics for the entire United States. While they do not keep track of every storm, they do maintain statistics on certain storms and can give you a general idea of what’s been going on locally. They are also able to give you statistics for some of the hurricanes that have passed by the area.

The National Hurricane Statistics Bureau also keeps track of the official storm histories of the major hurricanes that have entered the United States. You can learn about these historical storm facts by visiting their website.

By taking the time to find out about the storm history in your area, you can determine the best time to venture outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Knowing the history of the storm, can help you better prepare for an emergency if you feel that one may occur.