Planning For a Hurricane – Preparing Your Family

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Planning For a Hurricane – Preparing Your Family

Storm preparedness is an integral part of any consumer’s plans for a disaster. More than anything else, you want to prepare for the worst, and nothing will ensure that you’re safe from danger, than a good plan. It may be hard to find out how to prepare for a hurricane when your state is reeling from the recent loss of life and property. The following information will give you a starting point in planning for the worst.

You can make your hurricane storm preparedness plans easier to keep up by being armed with an emergency supply kit and keeping an eye on the weather. This includes having canned food, toilet paper, candles, flashlights, water and non-perishable foodstuffs ready to go. At least some of these items will have to be purchased at local stores or the local grocery store. Many towns and cities have on-site supply and distribution centers that can get your food and supplies delivered to you within a day or two.

In addition to proper supplies, you should consider storm preparedness strategies as far away as possible from the hurricane. Hurricane evacuations are recommended before a storm is expected to make landfall. By evacuating you can get yourself away from any potential dangers and prepare in advance. This will ensure that you have access to the same supplies you will need when the storm is over.

Hurricane preparedness does not mean you have to abandon all hope. The actual need for evacuation may not be necessary until after the hurricane has made landfall. It is better to be prepared for this eventuality in advance.

Plan on staying away from the storm for at least 72 hours. With that in mind, make sure you have a way to call for help when the storm is making landfall. In addition, take the extra time to check your supply needs. Know where the last gas station waswhere you are headed and whereto get the supplies you will need to survive.

Some homes have hurricane shutters on their windows that can be opened and closed to help keep the hurricane from entering. These can also help protect other rooms in the home. Floods are another form of danger to storm preparedness. Check out the local laws regarding flooding and clean up assistance.

It is always best to take your family with you when you are planning on going out during a storm. This is because storms can make it impossible to get out safely. Make sure everyone has a storm kit with them so that they will know what to do if there is a problem.

Take some time to develop your own family preparedness plan and check on the local laws. This will help you be prepared and remain safe while your family is away. Keep yourself updated on the weather forecast so that you will know when you should be ready to evacuate.