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Do I Really Need Volcano Training?

A question that comes up in a lot of ways is: “Do I really need volcano training?” The simple answer is yes, absolutely you do. The reason you should be receiving some kind of volcano training is to prepare for what can happen when the Earth’s atmosphere is affected by volcanic eruptions. It is not ….  Read More

It’s Not Enough to Know the Hurricane Safety Tips

For many people, you know that one of the most important issues is storm safety. They have taken great measures to keep themselves safe and to enjoy this beautiful part of their life. When planning for a hurricane, many people think of preparation for a storm and disaster preparedness. But the question is, are they ….  Read More

Learn About Storm Education

Learn About Storm Education Storm education is something we all need in the realm of education and it is important that we get it. There are many ways that we can go about getting storm education and here are some of the ways that I’ve found to be the most effective. The first place that ….  Read More

Why You Need a Tornado Emergency Kit

Why You Need a Tornado Emergency Kit It is important for everyone to get tornado preparedness ready before a tornado ever threatens. Having an emergency plan in place before disaster strikes will help you and your family find a safe way out of the house while the storm approaches. You can avoid staying in the ….  Read More

When Should You Be Receiving Your Earthquake Training?

Are you interested in earthquake training? Would you like to know more about what you need to know? If so, this article can give you some insight on this. In particular, we’re going to talk about when and where you should be receiving your earthquake training. Earthquake training is an essential part of your earthquake ….  Read More

How to Prepare For Earthquake Drills

How to Prepare For Earthquake Drills When we hear about earthquake drills, they usually conjure up images of tents and drums and flash lights, but not necessarily pictures of disaster preparedness. It might seem that the drills to put people in the middle of a natural disaster, but in most cases they are used as ….  Read More

Finding The Right Fire Training Courses For You

Fire training is a hard thing to get through and not everyone is cut out for it. For some people, there’s not a lot of fire training involved and they end up getting hurt or in accidents in the case of fire fatalities. Others, however, are able to get through training and that can be ….  Read More

The Importance Of Fire Education In Communities

Students in various states, including California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C., have joined the fight against hate by passing laws aimed at promoting fire education. Studies have shown that not only do large-scale wildfires pose a risk to human life, they also place great economic strain on communities. In some states, such as California, ….  Read More