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Planning For a Hurricane – Preparing Your Family

Planning For a Hurricane – Preparing Your Family Storm preparedness is an integral part of any consumer’s plans for a disaster. More than anything else, you want to prepare for the worst, and nothing will ensure that you’re safe from danger, than a good plan. It may be hard to find out how to prepare ….  Read More

How Do We Know About Volcanoes?

How Do We Know About Volcanoes? Do you want to learn about volcanoes and how they get formed? Here is a brief look at the history of volcanoes. We see volcanoes as they erupt and this allows us to have an idea of how life has come to exist on earth. There are many forms ….  Read More

Ancient and Modern Examples of Earthquake History

In the last few years, many earthquakes have occurred in New Zealand and around the world and there is a growing concern of seismic activity on a global scale and this is something that you need to keep an eye on in earthquake history. Earthquake history is a means by which people can learn about ….  Read More

Earthquake Preparedness and Planning

Earthquakes-related damages are one of the most common natural disasters that one can encounter. Some of the risks are of very high impact on human lives, property, and the environment. Earthquakes can also destroy infrastructure and lead to major loss of life and property. Following are some measures that you can take in order to ….  Read More

What Are Fire Drills?

Every day there are many different fires that go around our communities, yet few of us are aware of what fire drills actually are. Fire drills are similar to the annual fire drill held at the fire station. These fire drills allow fire fighters to practice handling hazardous material spills, evacuations, etc., and they’re great ….  Read More

What Is Outbreak Education?

Outbreak education should be an essential part of every healthcare facility’s protocol. Having access to information that could lead to the identification and elimination of outbreaks is a valuable tool in preventing further outbreaks and increasing patient care. When a full set of information regarding possible outbreak triggers and their management is available, staff can ….  Read More

Hurricane Drills – The Things That You Need to Know About Them

Hurricane drills occur periodically throughout the year, although the hurricanes that cause the most damage are typically those that affect areas in the Atlantic. Although most of these drills are geared toward people who live in the tropical region, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be safe from the effects of a hurricane, and you ….  Read More

Hurricane History

Hurricane History Hurricane history is almost as old as the weather itself. It is a fact that almost all hurricanes are formed in a sea. For this reason, you will find some of the most powerful hurricanes in history were formed by tropical systems that broke off from the larger sea. Typhoons are not typically ….  Read More

Understanding Storm Education

Storm education is a broad subject encompassing everything from storm-surge warnings to the frequency of natural disasters, but mostly it pertains to meteorology, which generally covers the study of natural phenomena that can affect people in an adverse way. Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and lightning storms are all part of this subject, along with any ….  Read More

Information On Outbreak Preparedness

Planning an outbreak preparedness campaign is crucial for all healthcare organizations to prevent the spread of the disease and to prepare their staff for an outbreak. There are several things that you can do in order to improve your outbreak preparedness. The first thing that you should consider doing is to start a training session ….  Read More