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How Tornado Drills Work

How Tornado Drills Work Have you ever wondered how tornado drills work? They take place at the last minute, and it’s the organizers who have to work around them to plan out the next step. They are crucial in keeping the crowds safe and the area clear. Here is how they operate. The organizing committee ….  Read More

Hurricane Drills – Important As A Preparation Tool

Hurricane Drills – Important As A Preparation Tool Hurricane drills are intended to prepare individuals for the unknown, possible catastrophic events that can and will occur in an individual’s life. These drills are meant to help people with the basic planning skills and attitudes necessary to face the eventuality of an extreme weather event. There ….  Read More

Tips For Tornado Education

Tornado education can be implemented for a number of reasons. To help ensure that you have the information that you need, it’s important to know that tornadoes related to them can be deadly if you are within the path of the storm. For educational purposes, the National Weather Service offers Tornado School on various occasions. ….  Read More

What Is Storm Training? What’s It Good For?

What Is Storm Training? What’s It Good For? You may have heard of “storm training” (frequently shortened to “storm fighting”) but maybe you’re still wondering what it is and why it’s important. This article will explain exactly what it is and why you should take part in it if you can. In the old days, ….  Read More

Outbreak History

Outbreak history is a special kind of disease record. This is the history of an outbreak of a disease that started out in a person or a group of people and did not go away. Outbreak history can be difficult to acquire because it needs special tracking and scrutiny of records, particularly among close personal. ….  Read More

How Earthquake History Has Evolved

How Earthquake History Has Evolved The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of how the earthquake history has evolved in the United States. There are four stages in the evolution of earthquake history. First, there was the initial period when earthquakes were common in this country and no one was quite ….  Read More

Volcano History – How to Start Waking Up

Volcano History – How to Start Waking Up If you are reading this, then you have undoubtedly seen the Volcano History by Michael Brown. It is available at bookstores all over the country and it is well worth checking out. Michael Brown is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of ….  Read More

What Are Volcano Drills?

What Are Volcano Drills? Volcanic drills are an important part of any volcanic adventure. These drills can be used at either a beach or at a lake. It can even be used at volcanoes. If you choose to use it at a lake, there are two different types of drills that you need to choose ….  Read More

Earthquake Education – A Social Responsibility

Earthquake Education – A Social Responsibility Earthquake education should be mandatory for every schoolchild. With the proper awareness of the hazards that exist, it becomes a part of their personal safety to learn how to evacuate if an earthquake strikes. Every one of us should have a proper place to park our car. It is ….  Read More

Fire Drills Can Be Fun, But They Must Be Done Right

In order to effectively handle a fire, it is important to perform effective fire drills. By learning how to do this successfully, you will not only be able to get through these types of emergencies, but you will also have the tools necessary to not only get through the first incident, but to prevent them ….  Read More