Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane preparedness is something that many of us should be doing already. We have all heard stories about disasters, and how people weren’t able to save themselves or loved ones. While we don’t know how long these natural disasters are going to last, it is always wise to be prepared for the worst. That way, ….  Read More

Hurricane Safety

Hurricane Safety What is Hurricane Safety? That is the question many people ask. In most cases, Hurricane Safety is a requirement in all homes that are built before 2020. Homes and structures that were built before this time must be installed with sturdy safety features that protect those who live in them from the dangers ….  Read More

Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake preparedness is a must for any household or business that owns property. It is important to have earthquake insurance, but it is also important to be prepared for an earthquake. If you are within the path of an earthquake, you need to be safe and keep everyone in your family safe. You can do ….  Read More

Outbreak Education

Outbreak education is an integral part of every health facility, and is a serious matter when dealing with infectious diseases. It should be treated as a standard system that a public health facility should practice in the course of its treatment procedures. Outbreak prevention is done to prevent patients from contracting the infection, and the ….  Read More

What is Included in a Fire History Report?

Your overall fire safety plan must include a thorough and comprehensive fire history report. The information found in a fire history report can help you prepare for and even prevent, possible hazards that may occur in the future. A good idea is to gather a number of these reports for your own safety. Not all ….  Read More

What You Should Know About Tornado Safety

In most tornado safety tips, experts advise people to seek shelter and protect themselves with the minimum of action. The official emergency response number is the National Weather Service and their Website. Anyone can learn about tornado safety, just by going online and reading some books. Tornado safety is a basic science that everyone must ….  Read More

How Outbreak Drills Can Reduce Flu Threats

How Outbreak Drills Can Reduce Flu Threats Outbreak drills can make a big difference in the process of handling a flu outbreak. They can be used as effective strategies for reducing the risk of future flu epidemics, and they can make the difference between treating a hospital for flu and transferring it elsewhere to treatment. ….  Read More

What to Look Out For When Choosing a Volcano Training Group

To work your way through the Australian lava field, you will need some experience in volcano training. The best way to learn how to respond in a volcanic emergency is to work within a group of experienced people that can give you life-saving advice and a proven method for helping you. Choosing to work within ….  Read More

Understanding the Volcano Education Program

There are a lot of people who don’t even know about the Volcano Education Program and believe it is just another scam. I have seen a lot of websites that are claiming to sell the programs, but when you look at the actual content, you will see that they are nothing but a bunch of ….  Read More