Three Important Tips For Coaching Employees on Storm Drills

Three Important Tips For Coaching Employees on Storm Drills We all know that most businesses use storm drills. This is a normal way of ensuring that employees are updated on what the situation may be. If you do not have regular exercise or training sessions, it is a good idea to incorporate this into your ….  Read More

Hurricane Training and Preparation

The importance of hurricane training and preparation can never be overstated. As a result, there are many web sites that will offer you free information on this subject and how you can prepare yourself for the weather and the challenges that you may encounter in hurricane season. Although it is most common for hurricanes to ….  Read More

Storm Track History From NOAA

Storm Track History From NOAA Although hurricane and tornado statistics have been regularly published by NOAA, you can find storm history for a particular storm on numerous other web sites, including the NOAA Storm Forecast Office and Storm Predictions and Analysis Center. Some storm sites provide even more detailed information, such as table images of ….  Read More

How Important Is Fire Preparedness?

How Important Is Fire Preparedness? The fire preparedness of a person can either be an indication of his or her good or bad character. In other words, a person who shows good behavior in emergencies will find it easy to withstand fire, while people who do not show such conduct may find it difficult to ….  Read More

Hurricane Education For the Sandy Hook Environment

Hurricane education is a common occurrence that happens a lot each year. Typically, schools hold drill to educate students on how to prevent themselves from any disaster that may occur during a storm. These drills are very important as most of the time people do not understand the causes of a storm or the effects ….  Read More

How Tornado Drills Work

How Tornado Drills Work Have you ever wondered how tornado drills work? They take place at the last minute, and it’s the organizers who have to work around them to plan out the next step. They are crucial in keeping the crowds safe and the area clear. Here is how they operate. The organizing committee ….  Read More

Hurricane Drills – Important As A Preparation Tool

Hurricane Drills – Important As A Preparation Tool Hurricane drills are intended to prepare individuals for the unknown, possible catastrophic events that can and will occur in an individual’s life. These drills are meant to help people with the basic planning skills and attitudes necessary to face the eventuality of an extreme weather event. There ….  Read More

Tips For Tornado Education

Tornado education can be implemented for a number of reasons. To help ensure that you have the information that you need, it’s important to know that tornadoes related to them can be deadly if you are within the path of the storm. For educational purposes, the National Weather Service offers Tornado School on various occasions. ….  Read More

What Is Storm Training? What’s It Good For?

What Is Storm Training? What’s It Good For? You may have heard of “storm training” (frequently shortened to “storm fighting”) but maybe you’re still wondering what it is and why it’s important. This article will explain exactly what it is and why you should take part in it if you can. In the old days, ….  Read More

Outbreak History

Outbreak history is a special kind of disease record. This is the history of an outbreak of a disease that started out in a person or a group of people and did not go away. Outbreak history can be difficult to acquire because it needs special tracking and scrutiny of records, particularly among close personal. ….  Read More