How to Find Out Your Fire History With Steel Frame Construction

The most fundamental and important aspect of your fire history is your construction, whether it was new construction or something that was put together to redo an existing structure. The kinds of material used in construction may include concrete, wood, steel, bricks, cement or tiles. The use of special steel in the building structure helps ….  Read More

Tornado Safety Can Be Deadly

Weather reports are a good source for tornado safety, however it is important to take action before a storm is actually experienced. It is also important to be aware of the safest location to stay in the event of a tornado. In most cases there are not adequate shelters or other preparedness measures in place ….  Read More

Volcano Preparedness – Take Precautions For Your Family’s Safety

When we talk about volcano preparedness, we are referring to the procedures necessary to protect you, your family and your property from a volcanic eruption, which could occur anytime. There are several steps that should be considered by any homeowner or business owner for this type of disaster. For your home and business it is ….  Read More

What Do You Know About Volcanoes?

What Do You Know About Volcanoes? Volcano education is vital to everyone’s physical and emotional well-being. In the times we live in today, we can not afford to be ignorant about what is happening in our world. Understanding what is going on is vital if we are to protect ourselves and others. For example, a ….  Read More

Volcano Training – Advantages Of Going Through A Training Program

Are you considering going volcano training in order to advance your education? There are a lot of ways that you can go about doing this, and there are a number of advantages that come with the experience. The main advantage is that you will be able to advance your education in a different way. You ….  Read More

The Importance of Earthquake Safety

The Importance of Earthquake Safety Everyone needs to be familiar with earthquake safety. This is for many reasons, but the first and most important reason is to avoid being injured and killed in an earthquake. Therefore, there are a lot of things that you should know about when it comes to preparing for such an ….  Read More

Getting The Right Accessories For Your Family To Protect Them From Storms

Choosing the right home safety equipment for your family is just as important as choosing the best brand, design and construction for your new home. Storm safety is an important consideration, since even the smallest of storms can cause a lot of damage to a home’s structure. Storms that occur every few years often don’t ….  Read More

What Are Earthquake Drills?

What Are Earthquake Drills? Most people do not consider earthquake drills a real hazard, but the truth is that they could cause damage to a person’s house or vehicle. When the ground under your home begins to shake, it means that there is a risk of an earthquake. Make sure that you have a policy ….  Read More

The Importance of Earthquake Training

The Importance of Earthquake Training Earthquake training is very important and should be provided at the commencement of a large scale disaster. It is also known as hazard assessment. It is an attempt to map out and understand the impact and effects of an earthquake. It could include analysis and information on, but not limited ….  Read More